Learn Lincoln is a leadership development programme for organisations. It is the only scientifically measured training for people at all levels to learn everyday leadership.


Lincoln is built on peer-reviewed science:

Through continued testing of our models, we make ongoing improvements based upon the evidence.



Dr Nick Maguire is Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Director of Programmes, Psychology University of Southampton. He teaches everyday leadership using His expertise is in the psychology of leadership and behavioral change. You can contact us here.


Learn Lincoln is a leadership training startup from the University of Southampton that uses behavioural science to help organisations succeed.

The United Kingdom’s University of Southampton is ranked top 1% in the world, with 50 years excellence in training and education.

Learn Lincoln make use of the University’s research experience and in-depth industry knowledge.

The University works with more than 300 businesses around the world, including industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce, Microsoft, IBM and Philips. It is one of the leading entrepreneurial universities in the UK, having successfully spun out 12 companies since 2000.

The University is changing the world for the better, working with industry, governments and research institutions to make a global impact.