Learn Lincoln is a leadership development programme for organisations. It is the only scientifically measured training for people at all levels to learn everyday leadership.

People engage with Lincoln on social media and visit the LearnLincoln.com website. The next step is taking a test which helps them learn their leadership style. They can join a webinar to learn about Lincoln leadership and book onto training. Leaders can access analytics about their organisation's leadership.

  • Social - Lincoln is active on social media networks to get your people to the website. #LeadershipMyths campaign creates engagement.
  • Website - Your people are introduced to Lincoln leadership on this website where they can take the test to learn their style.
  • Testing - Your people take the online psychometric test. It’s mobile-friendly, easy to use, and free.
  • Learning - Your people start learning the basics right away. Personalised lessons are emailed automatically following the test.
  • Webinar - Through a webinar with Nick, individuals or teams learn the benefits of Lincoln.
  • Booking - Having done the webinar, they’re emailed invites to sign up for face-to-face training by booking a convenient workshop.
  • Training - Your people arrive ready to start their leadership training which is scientifically-measured and professional delivered.
  • Analytics - Access analytics insights from collected test results. Visualise people’s strengths and traits on the Big Five Factor Personality model, Level 5 Leadership and Lincoln model.



Lincoln is aimed at UK & EU organisations with 50+ employees and a leadership development budget of +£14k.


  • 10 People
  • 2.5 Days at £4k/day
  • ( £10k total )

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  • 20 People
  • 2.5 Days at £4k/day
  • ( £20k total )


  • 40 People
  • 2.5 Days at £4k/day
  • ( £40k total )