The Learn Lincoln leadership development programme starts by helping you learn your leadership style. The evidence behavioural science teaches us that professional will and personal humility make for great leaders. After the 15 minute test, you’ll know where you are and where to begin learning. Start here >

learn Your Leadership Style

The test will show which of the four leadership styles you currently have.

  1. Lincoln Leaders are determined and dependable. They strive to understand situations & to support their team.
  2. Individuals with Abundant Will love to take charge, be bold & chase their desires. They seize opportunities & excite their team.
  3. Individuals with Abundant Humility listen attentively and are considerate of people’s feelings. They provide safety & stability for their team.
  4. Lincoln Laggards prefer not to lead. They are wary of the intentions of others & struggle with self doubt, so prefer to avoid their team.

Learn Lincoln is a leadership development programme for organisations. You can learn how your organisation can access scientifically measured training for people at all levels.